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The Third Wave

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I spoke recently of a word the Lord gave me in 2008. It was concerning a three wave series of events that would proceed the financial collapse of that year. The initial wave would be the crash itself; the second wave would be a time of stabilisation. This stabilisation event would be the efforts of the financial and economic institutions to re-establish a foundation for renewal and change. The financial sector has witnessed the fall of institutions and banks, and debt has simply spiralled out of control. The Lord showed that the stabilisation process would fail because they have simply looked to the economic model that has all but been destroyed and cannot function in the coming era. The final nuts and bolts of the scaffolding are falling and many who have put their trust in the acquisition of wealth will be injured severely. As a result a new system of economy and trading currencies have to be introduced. This requires further dismantling of the old financial structures. The new infrastructure has been prepared, and new systems are about to be rolled out. The judgement upon the financial kingdoms, idolatry and the gods of wealth have not finished. You must realise that the agenda, nw rolling out exponentially is the endeavour to create the new world financial and global economy.

In August 2008, Bitcoin became official and was appearing as a peer to peer electronic cash system. In January 2009 a single Bitcoin was worthless. Despite dramatic rises and falls throughout its history, its price price hit $10,000 in July 2020. Today, at the time of writing, it stands at just over £47,067.56 thirty five times the price of gold. Today, there are many types of cryptocurrency. To reiterate, the second wave was an economic stabilisation event.

The Lord spoke to me at the beginning of 2021. He used the term ‘Systematic Demolition of Society.’ We cannot help but see that businesses are being shutdown daily and forced bankruptcies now seem to be tragically normal. Although much of the population place their trust in the government rhetoric regarding the Covid19 Pandemic, there has been little said about any recovery plan. Unless the government knows the outcome, they simply can’t give one, and this is based on the fact that this period within the history of the world is uncertain, extraordinary and unprecedented. In bringing in the global pandemic, it would seem that the event has become a tool of convenience to initiate a new economy. However, we must understand that current levels of debt cannot be transferred. Personal transfer of debt will however, I believe, be replaced by stealth and take on another form, transferring existing personal wealth and worth to the banks. Thus the button for the great reset is about to be pressed.

2020 was a stealth attack of systematically wearing down the resolve of society in order to put trust in the government. Common sense has turned into chaos, and lies have become the truth. What is appearing upon the global stage is simply smoke and mirrors. Those who love the magic have become hypnotised by media frequencies and will fall for the illusion. The mind ops used in the hourly and daily covid reports are increasing fear and taking away the hope of many, even those who would seem positive throughout most situations. Education of our children must of course continue, despite the nonsensical prohibitions imposed on society. This is part of the global education initiative to brainwash this generation and the next into following the agenda. The third wave will ultimately bring about the salvific plan to unify all faiths, economies and nations. It will seek to bring about a global false peace and will demand the greatest price from every individual: freedom of thought, speech, culture, identity and faith. The universal person is about to emerge.

In the meantime, depression, ambivalence, lethargy and the lack of resolve and reasoning skip down the lane never to be seen again. The condition of the mind is fragile and can be easily fooled. It is easily deluded because delusion is a result of either God’s judgement on idolatry or it simply fails to understand the reality around it. Universally, society will become schizophrenic. Our parameters will become even increasingly smaller, and our visor viewed world become all but virtual.

However, further cost will ensue as this virtual world becomes a consumer of energy. If you need to be plugged into the grid to access this unreality, then the price is going to be dear. It will demand more than the digital coin. Societies exchange from the human to AI mean that we become as a race obsessed with our laptop dancers, and increasingly mentally retarded as we distance ourselves from one another in our isolated worlds.

The word of God must be the truth for us. It is a light to our path. It is the future He offers that we must keep in our sights. Regarding the second wave, we see that the agenda is to keep our eyes occupied with the second wave event of the pandemic, whilst other designs are being employed in the background. The agenda looks to assure us that everything possible is being done to maintain reasonable normality when in fact the wave is building up behind us.The third wave is the wave that comes from the drawing back of the waters after the first wave of a tsunami. It draws back and gains power before surging forward to destroy all that is in its path.

It’s a frightening thought, all of this.

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