Image by Tasos Mansour

About Me


Ok, I may have been born on earth, but the Bible, which is my source of truth, tells me that I was made in heaven, before I ever came to be, that I was in the thought of God. We all were and are - still in His thoughts and plans. 

I must decrease and God must Increase, so that I can magnify Him.

God has given me the ability to write, paint, teach,  to make music and to write songs. I  shall not boast in any of these, but I want to use all of them for His glory. He has also given me the gift to pastor, to have a passion for discipleship and to see His children develop into what and who they have been designed to be.

I always say that we learn together as we walk together. We are all on the Emmaus Road.

We have been given a future and a hope.

This site is not about what I do, it's about what He does through me and through us as His body. It's not about me building ministry or a reputation. It's about building Him, my Father, my God, our God!

I seek to walk with my Master Yeshua,  to do as He has taught me, and to pass what I have learned to others who also seek to walk with Him.

In this site, you will find the inspiration of letters and insight, prophecy and song.

I hope you will be blessed and inspired as you read my offerings.

May Yehovah, Adonai, Elohim, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be blessed.