Campfire Parables



This page is dedicated to the retelling of scriptural stories told by our saviour Messiah Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

The meaning of the parables He relayed to His audience at the time, spoke in picture stories, about the principles of the Kingdom of God. He talked to the people in a way they could understand. The messages within the parables of Christ, help us to understand the purpose, life and death of Himself and His  ministry, God's Kingdom, divine principles within the transformed life, the return of Israel and  the restoration of the whole house of Jacob.

In our generation, many believers have forgotten the revealed meaning of the parables, choosing to attribute them to the person or to the Christian Church. The failure to understand their true meaning, relating to the salvation of Israel, veils the beauty and purpose of YHVH's plan for all His people and for the restoration of His glorious Kingdom. 

A new time has come for the retelling of the parables to a contemporary audience. The inspiration for these stories comes at a time when  generations of people have had no knowledge or education regarding the scriptures. They have never been to a church or fellowship and don't own a Bible, and worst of all they have never been presented with the message of salvation, and thus many people are lost and remain ignorant of their blessed hope. 

These modern parables, reflect true events and realistic scenarios. Through them, we see that the message of Christ remains relevant even in the 21st century.

Our ancestors experienced the same things pertaining to all human life, then as we do now. They wondered what was the meaning of the life and the things of the this world and the divine realm. 

The prophet's and the disciples after them, spoke of and continued to preach Christ's teaching long before and after His death and resurrection. What would happen in the world to come; when will the Messiah saviour return, and when will all the oppression, trial and tribulation end? The deep questions like: Is there a future, a hope, a beautiful new world as a reward for all who seek the plans and purposes of God?  Jesus answered them all, and His hope too, was that the people would understand and return back to God and partake in His glorious promises.

The Holy Spirit is gifting the body of Messiah with a new time for the release of new stories with the same meanings.

I pray these parables will bless you in every way, and encourage you to seek the heart of the Father and push deeper into a relationship with our blessed Lord Yehsua/Jesus, who came to save that which was lost. The message of Christ is eternal and for all who will believe.

It is not the desire of God that any man should be lost. Jesus, said ' let those who have ears, hear, and let those who have eyes, see. 

The meaning of the parables are verbal illustrations. The picture they paint are a glorious experience for all who look for the first time upon them and for those who will visit them again. 

We invite to sit around the campfire with us and listen once again to the stories, once told, retold.


'New Stories, Same Meanings'




Who do you think you are?

Townsend Breyers was on his way up in the corporate world.  He came from an extremely wealthy and prominent family, and that alone carried a lot of weight, especially in his own mind.  He used his highly placed connections to open doors and close deals, always with a profitable advantage to his well-placed connections.

The Reluctant Friend

What is that pounding about? Through the haze of sleep I heard, “Stewart, it’s Martin, let me in.” What’s he doing out this time of night? It’s midnight! 
“Stewart, I’m glad you’re home, my car broke down about four miles back and I had to walk here. There’s no getting a tow or repairman this hour of the night.  I didn’t have dinner and I’m famished.  Do you have something for me to eat before I crash on your sofa?” Read More

Broken Crayons Still Work

Henry was a choir director at a local church.  Every other Sunday he and the Associate Minister Mark, would visit the Sunnydale Nursing Home.  Mark would teach the Word of God, and Henry would sing a Hymn. The last time they were there, Henry noticed a sign on the door of a resident’s room that read, “Broken Crayons Still Color Beautifully.”

New Wine , Old Skins

“We don’t hold with new ideas around here.   No use in talking about it, our way is best.” 
This is what we heard all through our trip in the countryside.   It was as if we were speaking a foreign language.    We are a non-profit group that visits impoverished areas and offers help to improve their standard of living.   We have a tractor trailer full of free, useful equipment to improve the quality of lives, but because of pride or tradition, few will accept the gifts that could possibly save their lives.

Living Waters

Vivian saw the future clearly and she was about to change it.   No matter the cost. 
As a young widow, she had pampered her son Larry, trying to help him recover from the death of his father, Russ.   It was a blessing that Russ had provided well for them, allowing her to stay home while they adjusted to their new lives. Read More

The Lost Coin

Going to Aunt Ludie’s chalet is always a treat.  Uncle Burl built it as a wedding present for Ludie forty years ago. It always feels cozy and warm, just the right size for them, and always room for friends. Ludie and Burl had no children, but they consider everyone in the village to be family.  Ludie and Earl invite us to come stay with them every summer and winter, and I always enjoy being with them and learning something new.

Treasure in the Field

Peter and Sue were looking forward to an outing with their friends, Phil and Marjorie.  Marjorie invited them to go with them to see a house for sale in the country. They planned to make a day of it, to relax in the sunny weather, admire the scenery on the drive and enjoy a leisurely lunch. Perhaps stop at a country shop or two along the way.  It was a much needed outing.

Treasures Old and New

“Sold for $9,000.00 dollars to the gentleman in the front row.  This extravagant wine donation from Barnabas Winery concludes this year’s charity auction.”  
It was a very good year for Barnabas.  The Lord had yet again blessed his land with grapes that seemed to surpass every previous year in flavor and beauty.

Salt's Worth

Suho and his wife, Ha-rin, own and operate a salt farm.  Their two teenage sons, Ji-ho and Min-jun help out before school and on the weekends.
Salt farming is labor intensive and very hot work, because it is done out in the open air under the blazing sun.

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