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'Mega Urgent Update: April 2024'.

'A Call to Repentance'

The people have forgotten the sound of the trumpet that brings warning. They have not been taught to understand the blast that tells them to prepare and seek refuge in the Lord. They have left their gates open and the watchman has been blinded. Israel has let the enemy with her walls and has not upheld the mandate of God to remain holy. She has become like the nations and fallen into greater levels of idolatry. The Lord is merciful and long-suffering but His grace will not be taken for granted. Israel must relearn the fear of the Lord and she will witness His wrath among the nations He uses as His vessels of discipline. In times of trouble, they will call upon the Lord; they rest upon their traditions and believe that their observances are enough to save them. But YHVH is coming back to judge His house, the people who are called by His name.

The prophets of YHVH have declared to Israel their sinful condition throughout the ages.

They blew the trumpet of warning and judgement, but also brought the message of hope and restoration, if only the people would return to the Lord. But Israel refused to listen. Amos 4.

They either killed the prophets or made them drunk with wine so that the word of God would be silenced. Israel’s punishment came as a result of rejecting their God and turning to their wicked ways. They went against the covenant agreement admonishing them not to be like the pagans, following their traditions and practises.

God brought the devastating locust in the form of invading armies and threw the people into exile.  Israel was dispersed and the holy city of Jerusalem was destroyed. This is a persistent theme as God uses the sword, famine and pestilence to bring discipline to His wicked child.

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