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The Moving Cup

Date: 27th Oct 2021

Before an earthquake comes, there are signs that appear first. Here is one:

A cup on the table will begin to vibrate. If the cup has liquid in it then the liquid will ripple. The ripple will be seen before the cup begins to move. As the earthquake intensifies, the cup will move. It will vibrate in position and then shake and move its position totally.

Inside all of us is the spiritual liquid, the substance of spiritual life. We were made from water and spirit, and the cup is the physical container. The liquid picks up the spiritual resonance of God and begins to react and ripple from inside. It’s reacting to God’s will and presence. It is the unction before the function.

A functioning cup is a movable cup. It’s moved by the hand from the shelf, by the hand to be filled, and by the hand to the mouth. If it is tied, nailed, screwed or glued to the surface, it holds no function. It remains just like any other container.

When the vibration comes, it will crack and break into pieces, but an unfixed cup disperses the energy and moves.

This is the message for us. We are earthen vessels, to be used by the master’s hand. If we are not fit for function, then we will be broken and thrown upon the pile of other shattered pieces.

Do you have a favourite cup, one you like to drink out of most of the time? I do, or should I say, did. It now stands on my desk, holding pens. It received a crack from its top to its base and now it can’t hold any liquid at all. Its function has been changed. But now I have another favourite cup. It was bought for my birthday, which makes it extra special.

In ancient times, a favourite or expensive piece of pottery, if broken, would often be repaired by joining the broken pieces together with gold. The

Japanese made it into an art form. It’s called Kintsugi.

Some of these containers are simply beautiful. The solid gold joints look like veins of glowing lava.

We are more precious to Him than all the gold in china or Japan.