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The Hidden Place

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

In this year of our Lord, 2021, we find ourselves over two thousand years from His blessed sacrifice upon the tree; His outstretched arms, pinned to the beam, gave us the sign of the cross, the symbol of Christianity - a derogatory term used to describe the group considered to be followers of Christ. Though Christ did not intend it so, the religion that materialised from those early struggles in the faith, really did go on to change the world. Filled with good deeds and saintly honour, our history has tried to reflect the divine light of our Master into a very dark world. To me that resembles the first spark of light that also shot across the dark void bringing cosmic particles, yet unknown to man, together to make the things that inhabit all its expanse. Of course, Christianity did no such thing. It was the light of Christ in every man, who desired to bring glory to God, our creator, who did these greater works.

The light that emanated across this new universe, came from a much richer source of light that holds no compound, or dust from our physical world. It became something different, something new. As the moon reflects the glory of the sun, so the cosmos reflects the glory of God. But wait a moment! This gives us a clue into who we are now and who we will be; now because we are but a reflection of Christ and what we will be — like Him. Our physical state will become altered to such a degree that having once left it we can never enter back into it again. Our flesh becomes like an ill-fitting suit—a garment no longer fit for purpose.

Why did the Lord see fit to manifest in flesh? Why did He not just appear as He did to the Israelites as a cloud of smoke by day and column of fire at night, or why did He not just show Himself as He did to Moses in His Shekinah Glory? He manifest as a fleshly man so that He could live among us in a sentient state. The purity of His spiritual form was unable to coexist among such darkness and wickedness.

The flesh of man cannot exist in the presence of such a pure light being. Something must occur to make the situation possible. The cosmic physical spark exists in all of us. It begins when the sperm and the egg meet to fertilise and reproduce. We all began in this way. The two met, became one and grew together in the darkness of the womb. Messages passed to and fro, signals flashed across micro cosmic ravines creating form, reflex, marrow, bone. flesh and heart beat. These are the hidden times. As the pearl forms from a single grain of sand in the sea, as a diamond forms from ancient remains of living creatures, our value upon each jewel is representative of the time each has spent being formed in the hidden darkness of the ancient years.

When Moses went up Sinai Mountain to meet with God for forty days, he did not enter into God’s presence in the form of sinful man. How could he have done? To enter into the presence of the Most High one has to be changed. Would God have been satisfied speaking with His friend from behind a rock?

We are told that Moses neither ate nor drank for the whole duration. This is impossible for the human physiology to endure without dying. It would have been possible for God to have retarded Moses’ human functions, but what if he had been transfigured as Christ was upon the mountain with Peter, James and John as His witnesses.

No one knows any detail about the time Moses spent in the presence of God apart from the fact that he was taught the word of God and given the commandants in writing to give to Israel. Moses does not write at all within the Torah about the two forty day events that took place during this period.

Leaving the presence of the Shekinah, Moses’ face shone. The residue of the glory emanated from his skin, though by now growing a little less bright as each second passed, as his human state finally resumed its original form. His transformation was done in a hidden place high above any other human. Though the top of the mountain g