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Sound the Trumpet!

Dear Friends

My last few messages have been an effort to relay to you the need to gather and bring your cries to the Most High, One God YHVH. In this hour, we see the tsunami wave of which I have spoken about for so long, gaining strength, rising up like a mountain that will hit the sea of the people. When it hits the land many hearts will fail and those who sit in lofty towers in state and church will be shattered in the shock wave. Those who have ears, hear the sound of the wings of the swarming locust and see the dust cloud of its horses gaining ground. But those who are called by the name of YHVH will be sheltered in His fortress and will not be moved. This is the strength of His beloved. Sound the trumpet!

This is a call to Repentance

For the people YHVH,  who are called by His name 

To seek the face of God and humble themselves before the almighty, One God.

In the name of Jesus Christ, who is and shall always be the head of His Church.

Our nation stands at a crossroads. The Almighty, One God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Calls upon all men and bondservants of the Lord to repent because of the abominations that have come into the church. He calls for all supplication to focus upon the alliances that have been made with the agendas of those who wish to discredit and bring shame to the church for which He died and gave His life. He calls for all believers, the flock of the great shepherd, to gather together and declare that He will take no more abuse of His name. His name has been defiled and He will no longer put up with those who seek to remove it from His Word.

Great judgement is coming upon the nations. It will been seen at every level and where all profane images and conversations gather.

Terror is coming upon the land and great unrest will follow. Hardship is coming and many will be overwhelmed but those who seek Him and call upon His name shall be spared the wave that is about to sweep over these isles.

This is an audio message. Please share it as you are led. Pray and seek the voice and instruction of the Holy Spirit.

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