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Shalom and blessings.

I also pray you will read this important message which the Lord has asked me to send out.

The Lord wants to heal His people and our land.

Please do not read this message if you will not pray and act upon it. Above all please discern it.

For many years, my ministry, through the Tabernacle meetings, brought messages of prophecy for the years ahead. God would speak in real time, and what He said would happen, happened, and what he said He would judge, was judged. God was moving very quickly.

If you have been monitoring the time over the last fourteen years or so, you will now be witnessing the evolution of a very different world. It is as if the Matthews 24 discourse is being played out — yet it is only beginning.

The earth is shaking and breaking apart because there is a shift in the spirit. The Covid pandemic, or whatever, has brought about division in families and in churches. It has fragmented societies and paranoia and mental health issues increase. The vaccination of the human population will very likely become law. This, above all else, must be fundamentally and morally wrong.

Already people are losing jobs because they have not been vaxxed. I know this for sure because I have worked in care, and we as a ministry and family have personal witnesses experiencing different international mandates and policies. With the evidence mounting up against the pandemic and vaxagenda, it is difficult to see, even within the church, any response or resistance manifesting.

If we need to see the Lord move specifically in our nation, and more broadly within the body of Messiah, then we need to repent and understand what that really means. We need to understand that we have been called to be a people set apart through holiness for God.

The Lord’s word is ‘Repentance'.

Repentance is not a subject that is generally majored upon behind the pulpit. However, it is pivotal in the relationship we have with God.

Repentance is not for a person to do once, or when you feel like it. It is done everyday, because believers are