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Keep Building

A battle rages on. The attempt of the enemy pervades the ether with the propaganda that we are failing and cannot continue on. He says, ‘you have forgotten to count the cost, and have failed to understand’. You don’t know who you are or the authority you have and you are absolutely useless in using the weapons of warfare.’ I am stronger than you.

Winning the battle means we must obey the order that comes forth from the commander and not surge ahead prematurely and even dangerously go out to battle unprepared and with the wrong weapons.

Some friends sent me this quotation:

‘Have we not consumed a great deal of time in the past asking for what we wanted? Why not now ask for what God wants?’ David Wilkerson.

We may agree that we are all in a spiritual battle but which battle plan are we following and what strategy do we seek? Dare we tell God His plans? Well, perhaps the truth is ‘that we do’, at least in part. It’s such a waste of time.

We must consider our asking agenda. When we ask about what God will do, are we not in danger of asking Him to do what we want and what we feel is right?

Sometimes what feels counter intuitive is exactly what God wants us to do. Just think about Jesus’ instructions to the seasoned fishermen - ‘Cast your nets on the other side’. The foundational principles of the scriptures are often a paradox; we live when we die. We see reflections, opposites in the mirror; we are rich when we have little, we are poor when we are rich. — Impossibilities, all are impossibilities.

The body has two arms. In maturity, the person will raise one to admit that they have got things wrong many times. The other one will be raised when victory comes. If we stop and say ‘no more’ because we have made mistakes, then we have failed. Fear will tell us that we will fail again. We will never do what God wants because we feel inadequate and incapacitated. This is the intervention of the flesh surrounded by the echo chamber of the tempter’s voice.

Faith, however, will say that it’s not what I am doing, but what God is doing in me. This is always the case and that’s what counts. Faith is the manifestation of the Spirit in the person who believes. 1 Corinthians 12:…

We may have been part of, or instigated something, that though its intentions were good, has become useless and unproductive in the end.

Does a farmer give up on one field just because it did not produce a harvest the first time?

The condition of the ground, the seed and the weather all play a part in the reproduction process. So check the soil and the seed. On their own, they will produce nothing - what allows re-production, is the