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You Will Be Powerless

‘Zechariah 4:6

6 So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.


This article contains the notes, as they were written, highlighting a number of questions the Lord posed prior to our midweek meeting in November 2021. There are serious challenges within them that we must all consider and reconcile in our lives, especially at this moment in history. I pray that I have been faithful to His message. In addition, my preamble hopes to put this message into context and to show you that we must be able to discern the signs that YHVH is showing us. They come in many forms and are not hidden. YHVH makes His ways known.

In the last two months we have seen incredible weather fronts come to bombard the coastlands and the interior of our nations. Across the globe, similar and catastrophic events have occurred.

In November this year (2021) Storm Arwen blew across most of the UK. The UK Met office released a ‘rare red weather warning’ regarding storm Arwen. The storm caused devastation and power outage for many people. In some cases power supplies did not return for over a week. The Northern power grid remarked that it was the worst storm since 2005 and that many overhead lines had to be rebuilt.

In December 2021, the Bible Belt of Kentucky was hit with a super tornado which touched land and remained connected for 200 miles, leaving a path of decimation of biblical proportions.

Believers are called to discern signs in the heavens and on the earth. Some events that occur upon the earth are obviously natural phenomena, however when extraordinary and unprecedented signs occur, we must ask ‘are they super natural?’ If they are, then we must look elsewhere for what is causing them. Many cultures and peoples used to refer to these extraordinary events as acts of God — God’s response to a wicked world.

Of course, we can find reference in the scriptures that refer to God’s judgements and His types.

As I began to mull over the pictures on the news and in other sources, I began to consider whether these were just natural events or something a little more peculiar.