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Let God establish His ways through you. Through neural pathways, AI is globally conforming the minds of billions of people. But the word of God admonishes us to take another path and be transformed into His Way.

Romans 12. I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Whilst the world reeled – literally from the effects of the Covid pandemic, great strides were being made in government departments and laboratories in the advancement of technology, specifically in the field of human biometrics, biological data mining, and brain neural links and interfaces. AI is advancing and evolving exponentially, the only way it can.

The need to monitor health and human movement has already been built into the fitness devices and location-monitoring or surveillance apps that have become part of our everyday life. At some moment during our day, we are connecting with supercomputers who suck out, like leeches, every thought, movement, and action. Banking apps know how we spend, where we spend, and every purchase online and person-to-person transaction we make.

These processes are streamed into computers and we are becoming reliant on them. Our day-to-day actions can be processed and sent to apps thus allowing us, so they say, to be freed to concentrate on the things we prefer to be stimulated by. Washing machines and fridges with built-in electronic readers can order our supermarket food and wash our clothes in the correct setting thus saving valuable time and wasted energy.

Experts in the field of advanced technologies agree that AI will eventually control every sphere of our lives and everyone who is and is not connected will be affected. AI is advancing at an extraordinary speed, and though I am not an expert at all in the understanding of how these machines speak to one another and how our personal data is mined and translated into algorithmic language, I am convinced for sure, that we are on the precipice of being integrated into the machine.

AI has the ability to create media, manipulate images, and create false news. It can monitor how humans speak to one another from the various platforms and websites we react with and predict various outcomes according to how we communicate with one another. These reactions to our personal actions can be created at nano speed. It can gauge our responses by what we see and how our biometrics react to what we are experiencing. It will eventually tell us what we need medically, morally, mindfully, and religiously. It will eventually create the rule of law and the governance of our society will be handed over to a sentient being who has learned our ways. It is predicted that within the next 10 years, an AI sentient computer will eventually have some degree if not all of the control of our world. The need for human intervention will become irrelevant.

Humans, in the beginning, will become the servers of the machine until the machine can look after itself. The technologies revealed to us in the past through the film industry who has been connected to the roll-out of mind-altering stimuli through films such as Total Recall, AI, Time-cop, Transcendence, Lawnmower Man, and Johny Mnemonic for example, are realities. Virtual reality is part of our everyday experience. It governs more and influences more than we can think. It guides us into believing that a better world is available and that we can control and change our future. It even makes us believe that the ability to change is in our hands.

The way we educate our children, for example, has also been replaced with virtual teachers and classrooms. Nano-tech and neural interfaces can link to drug distribution within the body and transmit data remotely without us even knowing.

Covid was a great experiment that watched how people responded to a perpetual message, and how we can come to rely on the messages we received through these technologies which we so readily plugged into. We became reliant on what they were telling us and what they were gathering. We became convinced that 'the science’ was true. For those of us who are reasonably tech savvy, we will already be aware of how advanced robotics and human brain interfaces are becoming.

But what is the purpose of all of this and why do we need to advance in such a way? The Trans-human goal is to create a human hybrid god.

Though there are many proponents who believe that the future of the human race can only survive if we concede to the power of AI, the goal of this message is to highlight a very serious and nefarious problem.

Believers, those who are born again into Christ, are not called to be part of this brave new world. AI in its own evolution will eventually see itself as superior to man. It is building a world in which the biology of the human can transcend itself. In this transcendence, our bodies will no longer need the things it has come to rely on. Those who take on the image of the beast will become profane and will be lost as they are enslaved to the system.

We as consumers of this world will no longer be consumers. Our brain interfaces will tell us what we need for example when to eat, what to eat, when to sleep, when to rest and numerous other ‘whens’s'. Our children who are now familiar with these wearable virtual worlds are encouraged to build relationships with virtual friends and to create worlds, cities, and towns in which they would prefer to live, and all of this, they share with their peers.

Adults and parents have to be corralled into the brain pool and have now become culpable in feeding our children, their children, the education their brains have been reconfigured to require. The virtual world will use very little energy and will be easy to sustain and so will our bodies.

Changes undertaken will give us extended life spans as we become less susceptible to disease and hostile influences.

Human beings in their semi-sedentary state will need very little energy to survive as their consumption of food will be reduced. An intelligent dementia will stimulate the brain and make it believe that has eaten when it has not. It will make the body believe that it has taken exercise when it has not. The transcendence of the biology of the human body into its Trans-human state is indeed closer than we think. If the planet is to be saved then all of this aids the betterment of its well-being and therefore must be a good thing, surely.

The constant reiteration of the program and the agenda of climate change and of human beings being the cause of the problem, propels us as fuel through the machine. We are slow to accommodate the changes needed so AI will make the changes needed for us at the speed it needs to obtain the necessary results. There is nothing to worry about because our AI buddy will see to it all.

So what about the spiritual person? Lucifer's job is to take with him those that are his. He seeks to replicate himself because he can't create the image of God. He seeks to manufacture his image and raise himself to the heights of God and establish for himself his own throne within the creator’s universe. Those who have the spirit of Christ in them and seek the path of truth cannot be affected by Satan and his plan, but they can be affected by the effects of his plan to capture them.

We as believers are admonished to die to ourselves and to live for Christ — seeking the world He has made ready for us. Death to self is a prerequisite for gaining eternal life.

The gender of the Satanic requires that we give up our freedoms and choose to die and be integrated into the main frame of the virtual god.

Friends, the technology to enhance the biology of the human is with us now. When Covid and its protocols overtook the planet, when many were confused and experienced nothing but chaos, forces in the background, organizations and their minions were occupied with changing the world and the way we live. Life around us was being reformed, agendas were being put into place and new laws to govern societies on a global scale were being made. In all of this, we are told that we are at the tipping point of humanity. All that we must do to help our world survive is paramount.

Some might say that the future looks good if we can bring all of this together – if we can change. But if we believe the Bible and the prophecy that lies through its message, and if we believe that YHVH’s word is true, then we can only see that the future for this world looks grim, but the future for those who believe in Christ is far better. Every aspect of our lives is going to be changed, from how we think to how we are educated and even what we eat and how we spend our leisure time.

But what should be more concerning for believers in Christ, by those I mean who are the true church, is how deep the hook of the world has penetrated our lives. How much have we become reliant on it? How much time do we spend on our devices for example?

Friends, our habitation is not in the world, it is in Christ – YHVH is our dwelling. We are not called to partake of a single morsel of what this world has to offer. Our portion is in God. Our life is in Christ.

We are not called to become part of some virtual platform or to be in the midst of some mega ministry that propagates lifestyles and false paths relating them to the teachings of Christ. Satan is possessing the minds of men and false prophets with their false hopes and futures are being sold to the masses who are for the most part seeking only a better life for themselves, and not to reflect the life of Christ and His power throughout the cosmos.

This is an important message for us all. We need to consider our ways and how much of the world we have allowed to infiltrate the church.

Make every effort to methodically cut out the things you don’t need and that includes the time spent on integrating with the machine through our various devices. But in the meantime let us use what we can when we can in order to spread the messages that the Lord is giving us.

We must become more concerned about how God watches us.

Our world will become smaller as our movements become restricted. Believers need to be ahead of the game because they have been forewarned.

In the secular world, experts in the field of advanced technologies are already sending out their warnings. We have only a short time to react. The body of Christ’s church must wake up and react. This is an urgent message that must be shared, so please do not put it aside. You have been warned.

We need to seek the Lord and earnestly request His voice. May the Holy Spirit guide us in all our ways.

Watch this recent release from the WEF Annual Meeting and pray with fervency, prophesying the will of God into this very dark period of time.


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