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The Manifestation of Discipleship

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Date : 8th March 2021

Dear Friends,

In my prayer time during this week, thus far, a prevailing message continues. I have been seeking the Lord as always, for His hand upon us all. May His guiding touch direct the course of our day and push us on to progress along our paths, individually and corporately and for His whole house.

This time in our history is a new time, but the conditions that prevail are not new. They have happened before, but only less so. Our uncharted course is uncertain, as each day brings its changes and events. My eyes are always on what is happening in Israel, or to Israel, should I say. We must remember that Israel has been given the mandate by YHVH to be a light to the nations. We can argue that that light does not seem to shine as bright at the moment, because though they have been given the word and precepts of God and the pattern of praise and worship, they have rejected the true light of our Messiah. That light however, did go out into the nations from Israel and the journey of that light is returning. The word of the Lord is a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path. When we are asleep, our eyelids shut out the light, but when we are awake the light generates and awakens life in us. We have a light that not only shines but burns a course through our time.

Our preoccupation with Israel, as a holy place, and with us finding our own experience with her, has somewhat diverted us off course. If we look a little closer, we will see that there is a light that shines from her. It illuminates something different. When we look at Israel, we must see the hand of God upon her. We of course see her blessings and amazing progression as a nation. We see her gifts to the nations but we must also see that not all those gifts are good. Israel is a sign for us and we must look at what her light is illuminating for us at this time. She is not in a good place. She has proudly pushed herself forward to promote an agenda that has prepared the place for something very dark, not only for herself, but for the rest of the world. I do not want to influence you by what I have found, but Israel is under the hand of an ancient emerging power, so I ask that you seek the Lord for yourself and see what He shows you. Israel is in desperate need of repentance and prayer. Calamity is coming upon her people and this is a prelude for the rest of us.

The purpose of this message is about the light and leading of God for those who diligently seek Him, who pursue His kingdom and will deny themselves to see His will fulfilled in these days.

When we see the hand of God upon humanity, we must realise that God sees unity among His children and disunity between them and the world. He has identified His children by placing the mark of the blood of the Saviour upon each of them. They are not of this world , though its earth is their habitation for now. Society is gradually separating at an exponential rate. The gender agenda is one such area where we are seeing a great divide. It is of course to do with how we see ourselves. It is to do with identity. Individuals in this world can identify as whoever they choose to be; that’s up to them, but the child of God cannot do this. The mark of Christ upon them identifies them as a child of God. The one who finds a new physical identity that correlates to their mind condition, declares that they are different by saying, that they are coming out. They declare their joy and pride in finally being able to express to the world who they believe themselves to be. The same applies to the children of God. Each of us must also come out. Why? Because God has placed His calling voice in our ears and our hearts are desperate to obey that call.

That is the message I have to send out. It is not a new message. It is an echo of one given thousands of years ago to the people of Israel in Egypt and in Babylon, when they were forced in slavery and exile. It is one given to a people group who find themselves under a power who have sought to bring them under control and their unrighteous government, and to force them to worship other gods. If having been freed from the yoke of slavery, we return again to our sinful and wicked ways, then destruction will come upon us. We cannot be arrogant in this 21st century life, in believing that God does not act accordingly in His judgement against our sin. Yeshua came for the lost