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DISPATCH - 'The Locust is Coming'

Friday 1st September 2023

Waves of locusts, devouring locusts consume the land.

Famine and dryness come upon the people

The word is not feeding

The water is not flowing

Look to God, from where the waters flow, from where the word is poured out.

Calamity is coming, ‘Repent’ says the Lord.

Return to Me, Hear My words.

Let Me hear your cry!

Yes, put on sackcloth and call a fast. For the great day of the Lord is near; so that you will not be consumed.

I hear the cries for safety, but you do not want Me.

There is deliverance in My hand, but you do not reach out for it.. ( You say everything is alright)

Your streets will be filled with desolation. ( The devouring locust is coming)

Do not cry for salvation when it is too late. ( When calamity has been decreed)

Burning fires, driving rain, wave upon wave.

Do I not bring calamity upon a wicked people?

Can I not save a nation in a day?

Return to Me, repent! Declare far and wide to every nation and every tongue.

Declare My great name over all the earth.

Come gather — declare a sacred assembly. Put down your ploughshares and gather your swords, for the great day of the Lord is coming.

Mighty waters flow — waves of cleansing

Fires that purify, that bring a new beginning.

The time is drawing near. My people, draw near to me in this hour. ( Consecrate yourselves and be saved)

The Holy Mount of the Lord

Shall be revealed to all nations.

Come and worship Me!

Return to Me, my people who are called by My name.

All of this great calamity,

All of this great salvation is for My great name.

The prophecy of generations is coming to pass.

I will not change a word — what will be will be!

This is for My great name, for My name’s sake.

This year is a year of greater repentance

A greater depth of solemnity.

The sins of the nations have risen to the Lord.

Greater judgment is to come.

The waves of the locust are coming. Come out from the nations, My people.

The smell of burning is upon you, remove yourselves from the flames.

(Concerning the Maui fire — there was a ring of protection around the wealthy? Was this done by human hands?)

How much more will ‘I’ ‘ring’ My people?

How much more will ‘I’ surround My people when the fire comes?

Did I not protect you in the cloud from my great glory?

Was Moses consumed in My presence?

I covered Myself to protect you when I delivered you from Egypt.

Build My house, and gather together in My tent.

(Concerning worship -The worship of the people in the building. After the time of gathering, 2nd Sept 2023, The Lord showed me the stoney path that I was walking on.

The stones in the ground were the people who needed to come out of the soil and gather to build the temple. The well-trodden path had broken away the soil to reveal the stones underneath. These revealed stones of different shapes, were like the different tribes that make up Israel - all different with nuances of character but with a si

ngle identity. Worn through time, and trampled upon by generations, they have become the shapes they should be. Together they will build the house of the YHVH. These are the disciples, like the dry bones, are the ones reborn for this age.

Furthermore - I received the witness of the locust three times. The word in my morning devotion, reading Joel, abundant grasshoppers in the long grass on the moorlands during my walk that day, and today, the grasshopper on my upstairs window pane.

I’ve been on walks in the area many times. You see the odd grasshopper, here or there.

The locust is a sign of famine, devastation, destruction and ultimate desolation.

Does God have a hand in all of this? Yes, because He gets involved in people's choices. If we choose to become self-focused then God will use those things, that support our world without Him, to bring dest

ruction upon us. This is the repercussion of sin.

We learn from the allegory of Samson, that God’s people are called to be a separate group —chosen from among all the nations. In Samson’s story, God highlighted Samson’s failures and chose the demolition of what the people (those who did not believe in God) worshipped to come crashing down upon them. He also used a defiant and rebellious man to lose wisdom and become an instrument of His wrath.

Friends, there is no time to sit and reason any longer. Whatever and however the Lord is directing you to respond, do it without hesitation.

Most of all. the Lord is calling for deep repentance. Can you sense that, along with the intense urgency of the hour?

There is a sense of great destruction but I also sense that the Lord is bringing new starts in people's lives as they call to Him. Some things are ending and some things are beginning. Things are being laid down).


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