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Made for a Purpose

On Wednesday 7th March 2018 during a time of prayer, the LORD gave me a word that reveals something very distinct and which prevails throughout the body of Christ today.

Look at this passage:
Amos 3:1-3
Hear this word, people of Israel, the word the Lord has spoken against you—against the whole family I brought up out of Egypt: 2 “You only have I chosen of all the families of the earth; therefore, I will punish you for all your sins.” 3 Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

This passage is clear. YHVH, because He has chosen Israel from all the nations on earth, He alone is responsible for the dispensation of His judgement on them.
Now, if we understand that God has made Israel a sign to the nations, we will notice the pattern He uses to show us her condition  and His responses to those conditions. See Deuteronomy 28 

YHVH says that HE is going to judge Israel and that HIs judgement begins within the house of the LORD. In other words, judgement comes from His house and is dispensed throughout His family. This includes the Church.

YHVH’s desire is that His family dwell as one and come into the community vision prayed for by Yeshua in John 17....’May they be as ONE as we are ONE.
So, let’s take this premise and look at what the LORD showed me this week. Now, this might sound crazy, but you should have heard my response when I received it. However, this is a serious matter.

A few years ago, the LORD spoke to me about another process that occurs in the body that reflects the dynamic of wellness within the physiology of the human body. This week I was shown another aspect.

The LORD spoke to me about the kidneys. Three times this week I have come across people with kidney problems. One (a believer also has lymphedema) has 19% functionality in her only functioning kidney. However, she is not on dialysis. Another has 20% functionality in both kidneys and will have to go on dialysis as a result of this dysfunction he has pain in one of his feet, and another person has  combined liver and kidney dysfunction which affects her legs.  I also heard from another friend of a young child who was born with one kidney and has been taken into hospital. Please pray for them all and that the Healer’s touch will astound an unbelieving world.
Now, the function of the kidney is to get rid of waste and toxins in the form of urine sending the cleaned fluids back to the body. Many problems are attributed to poor kidney function, diabetes, and obesity for example. Extreme dysfunction can lead to high blood pressure and anaemia. Poor kidney function increases the risk of heart failure and strokes too. Drugs and medications can also lead to kidney dysfunction.

But this was the point of the Lord's word:
The swelling of the feet —this is a form of oedema. It was also mentioned in Luke 14: 1-6. concerning the man with dropsy. This type of oedema  may have been pulmonary oedema which affects the lungs and heart.

In brief: when the feet swell, walking will become difficult. The two kidneys represent two parts of the church — those who have more liberal and tolerant views and those who wish to retain the premise that all scriptures are infallible and is the true word of God that cannot be deviated from. Thus, we see a division and dysfunction. We see it in the parable of the 10 virgins - Math 25:1-13.
We see it in the division of the tribes of Israel and in the religious politics of Israel today. Yeshua’s words in Mark 3:25 ‘that a house divided against itself cannot stand.’
So the prognosis is that one part of the body is dysfunctional and brings about infection and disease to the other parts. One of the main antagonists to the physiological system is what we bring into it. We are admonished to love and to take care of the body of the Messiah — His 'Holy Temple’. If the Temple is not Holy, then HE does not reside in it.

It is clear that part of the body is sick but that does not negate the fact that it is part of the body. Badges of distinction within the body do not help the rest of it. Regardless of what we call ourselves or whatever tradition we hold to, we must examine whether those traditions go against the precepts and doctrines of truth.
The LORD showed me this analogy: as each child and tribe of Jacob had its own nature, so do all these traditions. But what remains having, once been sifted, is what YHVH uses. The kidneys are a filter system that returns the good fluids back into the body.

This is the analogy the Father showed me.
There is a shepherd and a boat builder. The shipbuilder does not know anything about how to look after sheep and the shepherd does not know how to build and sail a boat. The two are very distinct skills. But when the shepherd needs to take his sheep across the water he needs the boat builder. It is only when they are in the same boat that they are together and going in the same direction.
Yeshua pra