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Daydream Believer

Originally written Nov 2019

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but political awareness today, seems to have shot through the roof. Usually, most people are ambivalent at best, and put their mark in the ballot box because it’s something they should do at least. Today, the voice of the people has become more vociferous. In America, the violent actions that often ensue at rallies, are frightening. Seriously, people are getting beaten up as opposing political factions come into contact with each other. In Hong Kong also, the actions of students demanding government change is frightening. The world is on the precipice of anarchy. Truly, there is going to be a great change coming in our nations over the next few months.

Just look at the UK. The divide that has ensued over the last 120 days or so, since PM Johnson’s appointment, is getting greater. Personally, I don’t see him as our PM at all. As the days go by, his policies and expression of his beliefs have become nothing more than a proverbial needle stuck in the groove. The more he hears them and says them the more unbelievable they become. When Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the opposition) takes the platform, the cuckoos appear, punctuating every demented statement. Is this type of thinking becoming a scourge of our time, perhaps?

The policy of lies and daydreams to save this country and give it a new hope, are ultimately political bribes and gestures to buy the parties’ support. For how much longer will the people fall for it? Not much longer it seems. Could the current state of political rule and partisanship be flagging up, at long last what has been the problem with our archaic system. The nature of politics is that it must change and evolve according to the progression of the society it upholds.

Do people make the rules? Does government give them to us or is government meant to bring structure and rule over what the people need, fundamentally. What the people want and what the country needs are two different ideologies? Can the two run side by side?

Could what is happening to the UK and its position within the EU and the global political stage be a forerunner among the diaspora? That is if we look to Israel as the pattern of God’s rule over the nations. Look at what is happening there (in Israel)— chaos, no government to lead, corruption, and the abominations before the Lord. Of course this type of thing has always been there. God has allowed the plans of man to interact with His own. God uses this formula that leads to destruction and renewal. In the book of Judges, we see the people crying out to the Lord because of evil leadership. The Bible reiterates this relationship - the rise of sin, the judgement of God , the fall of kingdoms, the repentance of the people, and the restoration of God’s word. The process is repeated time and time again. It represents the struggle of man with God.

What should the Church be doing as a response?

If believers are divided in their political stances, how can we supposedly pray for what is best for our nation? The prayer of unity, brothers standing together, brings the blessing. The world knows this, so why can’t we exemplify it? If we are to reflect the nature of God we must show that He is peace and that He is One!

Are we indeed called to be active politically, if we believe that the rule of man and God are like oil and water? Our role in society is to uphold God’s laws and be resolved and committed in spreading a gospel, not any political ideology.

Our ancestors cried to the Lord to take them out of the system of Babylon and Rome and every conquering nation since. But we condescend and coalesce with our rulers because really we don’t see that all of this is worth giving our lives for.

‘Come out from the world,’ is God’s command to us. But, oh no! We can’t do that. It’s too hard. It’s impossible. Who will govern? Who will lead? What about all that I have? What about my children? ……….on and on, so on and so forth.

Do you think that God gets fed up with our rantings and moanings? His responses written in the scriptures tell us that He does. He was not pleased with how the people treated and groaned at Moses and Aaron for instance .

Moaning and groaning is par for the course when we undergo change. It’s like the labour pains before the birth of a child, or if you have ever built a house, you eventually express feelings and wishes that you never started. The end justifies the means and soon the discomfort and the frustration end.

On another note: Luke 10 gives us some pretty clear clues on evangelism.

1. It begins by the Lord sending out 70 disciples . The number represents the number of nations born from Noah. There are lots of ominous things to be said regarding this - but for a later date of discussion, perhaps.

2. They are sent to the towns to prepare the way for His visits to!

3. They are told to speak with those who seek peace, and are invited in the seekers house.

4. The disciples stay, preach the word, are looked after and then move on.

The house to house style of evangelism is therefore totally aberrant.

Modern evangelism as you can see, does not follow the way of the Spirit. We insist in door knocking, and knocking, and trying to convince people who are not seeking the way of peace. Thus we have, I believe, wasted time, effort and resources for centuries.The response to this style of evangelism demands too, that we pray to the Lord of the Harvest. Who is this.? The Bible says that we should 'plead' to Him.

Over every nation, the Lord has appointed an angel. Michael in the book of Daniel speaks of the Prince of Persia, and the Medes. These are principalities which we are called to war against, and the harvesters are angels, called to reap the world.

Do you think that a new age is about to come upon God's people? I do!

These are a people who understand the way of the spirit and worship the Lord likewise. To these He grants knowledge and power. They are called the knowledgable ones. This is what will increase in the latter days. The knowledge through intellect is the enemy’s scheme, so that he can establish His kingdom outside the realm of God. He is buying the minds of men and turning them away from Him and he is succeeding. He is trying to restore the Tower of Babel. I have listened to the political debates over recent days. What has come from the mouths of the leaders of the political parties ( and may I add, I see none of them as my God given leader) is Bumbling Babel.

On a techi note, it is interesting that we now have the devices that allow us to speak to each other in our own languages. What is that about?

Grant Marshall

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