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A Defining Moment - Prt 1

A DEFINING MOMENT - Part 1 - Grant Marshall

The Lord has impressed that we are in a defining moment. Something that is defined has been made definite. The Truth of God’s word is defined and it defines the order in the cosmos, of all things in heaven and on earth.,

We must not forget that there are not only wars here on earth, between the nations and the people; there are wars in the heavenlies between principalities who war over territories and the will of God.

In this war between Israel and Gaza, we must define some truth if not the whole truth. Hamas is not specifically a terrorist organisation, and neither is Hezbollah per se. Hamas in the spiritual context is a violent anti-Christ spirit that has embodied the enemies of God.

This spirit has already captured sympathisers, and many will, no doubt, align themselves with the religion of Islam and fundamentally the anti-Christ. These are the days in which we are living. They are a precursor to the tribulation to come.

Kingdoms as well as nations are at war. The kingdom of God is also in conflict with the religious kingdoms of the world. False religions and the false prophet are emerging, taking his seat on the church stage. Following the ending of the recent synod, Pope Francis has expressed his wishes to redefine the church and the Bible to make it relevant for today's world and cultures. The Anglican church is also fervently pushing for policies to change; they want marriage between gay clergy to be accepted. This is pure wickedness and profanity. If they want to redefine the scriptures and remove the presence of God, who is the Father, then we will see the hand of God move rapidly. We need only look to scripture.

God is the truth - He is the definite article, the object of our faith. The defining moment will see the schism and the true church will emerge from the chasm.

We have witnessed since 2015 specifically, the growth of redefinition; the Church, multiple and aggressive agendas on sex, marriage, and woke-ism have all been at the top of the narrative for years now. This agenda has been drip-fed into the culture and the brains of the ignorant and the Covid pandemic showed us that dimwittedness and lack of common sense have prevailed. People became susceptible to the virus because the platform to receive it was inserted into them.

But if we seek to redefine the name and character of God, His wrath will come upon us quickly. He is not pleased. We must pray for His house and our family.

Remember how the crowd wanted to seize the visitors to Lot’s house? If we are praying for Israel, then this is what we are praying for - the crowd will not gain entrance over this threshold.

Lot went outside to attend to the crowd. The angels could have done that, but they didn’t. Their task was to save Lot and his family because, despite Lots’ choice to live in Sodom, he prayed. After all, he was finding living in this wicked society hard. 2 Peter 2.

The Lord responds to the prayer of the righteous. When we pray, we must confirm and define the truth and the borders to the realms of heaven and earth. We must make it clear to principalities that there are lines that cannot be crossed.

In Mark 13:32-35, Yeshua speaks about the man who goes away leaving his servants in charge of his house. These servants are given tasks and they must also remain watchful for his return.

This is a message to us all in the house of YHVH. Are we maintaining the house? Are we attending to our tasks, and are we remaining watchful, or are we just believing that YHVH has it all in hand and that these things are given to someone else more adequate than ourselves? This defining moment is about taking care of the responsibilities we have been given, and if you think you haven’t been given any, then you need to return to the book and see what the master has written down for you.

This hour has been defined as the hour of action. Has the order been given to come out of the trenches? I believe it has. I leave this message to you. Shema means we hear the word of the Lord and respond, and respond appropriately. It's time to take this battle seriously if we are to hasten our Messiah’s return.

If our actions are not responsive enough, then we need to define what is the appropriate and right reaction to the threat that has been released. Draw near to the Lord and pray as Lot did. Hear His voice for yourselves. The Lord is our habitation, our ever-present help in times of trouble.


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